Atlas Massage was founded in 2006 by experienced remedial massage therapist Mark Corcoran.

Driven to changing the health industry for both clients and therapists alike. Believing that both compassion and understanding are the keys to a healthier mind and body.

Always looking out for our clients and understanding that some injuries require more than massage, we also provide a list of trusted professional health providers. Helping to take the pain and trouble out of having to find a good specialist in your area.

For individual pricing, to arrange a corporate event or to take advantage of our mobile massage services contact Atlas Massage today.

Our Therapists

Atlas Massage Gold Coast - Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Mark Corcoran (Our Founder)

Mark is dedicated to creating an environment and experience where all feel looked after but also given the tools to understand their body and how to maintain healthy progress even outside of treatment.

Mark with years of experience in national and international sporting teams, his innate ability to find your trouble spots and a genuine passion for your wellbeing to provide a quality massage. Will have you well on your way to recovery.

Specializing in hip/lowerback, Shoulders, TMJ, hands and feet.

Happy Clients!

Magic hands! Having travelled the world there was only one other Spanish guy that compares. I wish Mark was further south.

You have a god given gift you are truly amazing. Thank you

He not only increased my range of movement in my hips, he eased up my back tension and the knowledge he provided allowed me not to be so anxious about the previously unknown.

One time, after a 2 hour leg only massage, I could touch my toes! I Haven't done that in many years.

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